Migration Assessment Scan: Apps

Learn how to mitigate issues with SharePoint Apps during migration.


Migrating SharePoint Apps (formerly called Add-ins) isn’t supported in the target environment. The site content will be migrated, but the Apps will not. As a result, once the site is migrated, the Apps will need to be reinstalled. If you purchased the App, you will need to reclaim the license from the App store.

Data Migration

Site content will be migrated, but Apps will need to be installed on the destination environment. If any Apps stored data in the SharePoint App-web, that data will be orphaned and the App will be reinstalled cleanly.

Important: Any site that is configured as “No Access” (locked), in SharePoint will be skipped. To see a list of locked site collections see the Locked Sites scan output.

Preparing for Migration

Read through the provided report.

Post Migration

Site owners will need to reinstall the add-in during the user acceptance testing (UAT) process. If there was an add-in that was purchased, the user who purchased the add-in will need to recover the license.

Scan Result Reports

The following table describes the columns in the SharePointApps.csv report.

This scan report provides a list of all the Apps installed in the environment.



Site ID

ID of the site collection hosting the add-in


Title of the add-in


If the add-in is a provider-hosted add-in, this will contain the URL for the add-in.


This is the lcoation the application was installed from.

Owner Title

Site collection owner's name.


ID assigned to the add-in.


URL used to launch the add-in. If this URL is ~appWebUrl, then the add-in runs on the SharePoint environment. If the URL is not associated with the SharePoint environment, then the add-in is a provider-hosted add-in that runs outside of the environment.


URL for the settings page associated with an add-in.


Site collectionowner's login name.


Time the add-in was installed.


ID or the web hosting the add-in


URL of the webhosting the add-in.


Title of the web hosting the add-in.


IF the add-in is an app part that sites on a page, this will be the URL to the page.


Size of the site collection in megabytes


URL to the site colleciton hostng the add-in.

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