Microsoft MyAnalytics Outlook add-in

The MyAnalyticsOutlook add-in is your personal notification feed to help you achieve deep-focused, productive work. MyAnalytics periodically refresh with new and relevant insights throughout your workday. Currently, that information revolves around your inbox and calendar.

This information is for you and you alone. You can learn more about Microsoft privacy standards here.

As a regularly updating feed, the add-in can help you:

  • Manage relationships with Important people

  • Prioritize your time to get focused work done

  • Track the reach and influence of your email communications

How can I get the Outlook add-in?

The MyAnalyticsOutlook add-in is automatically enabled for all users who have the MyAnalytics license. In the Outlook desktop application's navigation bar, select the MyAnalytics logo and the add-in will slide open in the right-hand side of your email window.

Note: Add-in commands are available only in Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2013 for Windows, Outlook 2016 for Mac, Outlook on the web for Exchange 2016, and Outlook on the web for Office 365 and Support for add-in commands in Outlook 2013 requires three updates: March 8, 2016 security update for Outlook, March 8, 2016 security update for Office (KB3114816), and March 8, 2016 security update for Office (KB3114828). Support for add-in commands in Exchange 2016 requires Cumulative Update 5.

Screen shot of MyAnalytics logo and navigation pane

For Outlook Web App (OWA), you will need to open an email. From there you can select the MyAnalytics icon in the top right hand corner of your email, next to the 'Reply' button.

Screen shot of OWA MyAnalytics icon

How do I use the MyAnalytics add-in?

Email read rates

MyAnalytics can notify you about how many people have opened your emails and how long they spent reading them. You’ll receive cards about emails that are sent to five or moreOffice 365 cloud users internal to your company. This means that if a recipient is external to your company or not in the Office 365 environment they will not be included in the five.

After you send an email it will take between five to fifteen minutes for you to be able to access your stats. These stats will be shown in an informational card. Cards of similar topics will be grouped into a single summary card that you can select and expand to a more detailed view.

To see statistics on a specific email, go to that email in your Sent items folder and open the add-in. You’ll see the stats at the top of the add-in panel.

  Screen shot of MyAnalytics email stats

On an individual email, you'll see a chart with what percentage of recipients have opened your email, when more than 50% have opened it, and how quickly they opened it. You'll also see how long recipients spent reading the email. Based on the length of the email, MyAnalytics will estimate how long it will take someone to read the email. From this number, MyAnalytics estimates whether recipients glanced, skimmed, or read the email. Depending on how many people opened the email and how long they spent reading, the add-in will suggest following up on an email or supply tips to help improve email communication.

Screen shot of MyAnalytics results

Focus time

Based on analysis of all your stats, you will receive personalized insights about your current work style and suggestions for new practices—such as booking Focus time in your calendar—to complete individual work. When a Focus time card shows up in your feed, the product will help you choose times either in your current week, or the following week, to reserve for uninterrupted work.

Screen shot of focus time results

When you select a focus card, you will be prompted to name (for example, What's important this week?) your focus. Once you've decided on a task, or several, that you'd like to accomplish, select the checkmark icon to move to choosing a two hour block for those projects. You can select multiple times for one card, or stick to one block per card. Once you've selected done, you will be provided an opportunity to name another focus block with any other to-dos you might have. Once you've saved the focus block(s), you will find them saved in your Outlook calendar. MyAnalytics saves these as a "green category" so that you can differentiate them from your actual meetings.

(Please note that if you have already personalize your calendar category colors, the system will save them without a color designation.)

When MyAnalytics sees that your calendar is getting filled with meetings, it will prompt you to book focus time. In this situation, MyAnalytics will show you the two hour blocks that you have remaining in your calendar. And then from there you follow the same process of either selecting multiple blocks of time (if you have multiple available) or a single block of time, title the block with the tasks you wish to work on, then select the check mark to save to your calendar.

Important people

Manage relationships and keep in touch with priority members of your network through the Important people card. From this card you will be able to add or remove people from your Important people list and receive notifications when you've missed an email from someone on your list.

Your first time in the add-in, MyAnalytics will provide five suggestions that are pinned by default, based on who you've been most frequently interacted with in email. As time goes on and your communication changes, MyAnalytics will provide an insight card, prompting you to add someone new to your list. Check out your MyAnalytics dashboard to view your whole list and to update it as your communication needs change.

  Screen shot of MyAnalytics Important people list

MyAnalytics will notify you of any unread email you have from Important People. Select an email to open it or choose to mark all emails from a sender as read. This does not look at unread email from the Deleted Items folder nor email that is more than seven days old.

Screen shot of MyAnalytics email activity  

Can other people see this information?

No. Only you can see the statistics for the emails you've sent. Read more about how Microsoft and MyAnalytics protects your privacy.

Frequently asked questions

How do I dismiss an info card?

When you hover your cursor over the card you wish to dismiss, an 'x' icon will appear in the top right had corner. Select this icon and the card will be removed from your add-in feed.

How do I pin my add-in open in Outlook?

In the top right hand corner there is a push-pin icon. Select the icon and your add-in will stay open as you navigate through your inbox.

How do I manage my important people list?

The first time you open your MyAnalytics add-in, you will be provided with a list of suggested people based off of your collaboration from previous weeks. Three will be added by default. You can add or remove individuals by selected and de-selecting the star icon on the right side of the important people card. After that, MyAnalytics will make suggested actions (add or remove) as the frequency of your collaboration with an individual changes.

Don't see someone or want to view your full list of Important people? Go to the Important people section of your dashboard. From there you will be able to use the search bar to find specific people to add, view your entire list and remove people from your list.

How do I get to the dashboard, send feedback or get information about MyAnalytics?

In the top right hand corner of your add-in you will find three icons.

Screen shot of MyAnalytics results

From right to left, select the first icon to make your way to your personal dashboard. You can find answers to dashboard-specific questions here.

Have a new idea for a better product experience? Questions about the stats you’re seeing? The middle icon will direct you to the feedback section where you can provide suggestions, comments or questions for the team.

And finally, if you'd like further explanation of how to use MyAnalytics, you can select the third icon from the right and it will provide you with a brief introduction to the product and how the add-in works within your inbox.

Why can't I see stats on this email?

For privacy reasons, you will not be able to identify individual people from the MyAnalytics Outlook add-in. This means that MyAnalytics does not display statistics for emails sent to fewer than five people or show that 100% of recipients read an email.

We only show your relationship statistics with other Office 365 users in your company. Because of this, you may not always see statistics for emails you’ve sent to more than five people if not all recipients are Office 365 users. This also means that external contacts and anyone in your company who are not in the Office 365 environment, won’t show numbers.

Too few recipients

We only show statistics for emails that are sent to at least five people.

Too few qualified recipients

We only show statistics for emails that are sent to at least five people who are also qualified for statistics. Qualified people are people within your organization who use Office 365 and Outlook/OWA, and who are not:

  • Opted out of MyAnalytics.

  • Excluded from MyAnalytics (for example legal departments).

Too old

We don't show read statistics for emails that are older than seven days.

Too new

It takes some time to generate statistics for recent emails.

Low read activity

Fewer than two people have read the email. Check back later once more people have read the email.

100% read your email

For privacy reasons, MyAnalytics does not provide an exact read rate when 100% (or close to 100%) of recipients read your email. The message will say: High read activity.

You opted out of MyAnalytics

If Delve isn’t permitted to use your email and meeting information, you will not see any statistics.

You can opt in through Feature settings in Delve.

How can these statistics help my work?

With insights about how effective your communication is, you can evaluate and make changes if necessary.

Check your read rate frequently to improve email effectiveness over time. For example, if a weekly digest email has low read rate, try these recommendations:

  • Send email on a different day of the week to see if more people read it.

  • Consider increasing the number of recipients or changing the recipient list.

  • Try using different subject lines to engage your recipients or shorten the content to make it easier to read.

  • Test new ways of broadcasting your message; maybe email isn't the best medium.

Designate colleagues and clients as "Important people" to highlight the communications you value most.

Balance your calendar by intentionally setting aside time for your work to prevent others from filling your schedule with meetings.

  • The rule of two hours provides the necessary space to breeze through a long to-do list as well as an opportunity to get deep focus on larger, time consuming projects.

For further suggestions on how to make best use of your time, check out the MyAnalytics tips page.

More about MyAnalytics

The MyAnalytics Outlook add-in is part of MyAnalytics. MyAnalytics helps you understand how you communicate and spend your time at work. No one else can access your private statistics, and you can't be identified from the statistics generated by MyAnalytics.

From your dashboard, you can set personal goals related to meetings, emails, focus time, and after hours work per week. MyAnalytics measures your progress, and gives you tips to help you reach your goals.

Get more information on how to set up your personal dashboard.

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