Meeting Confirmation Edit

Use this screen to change the content or delivery of Confirmation notifications for the event. These notifications are sent to registrants after their registration is approved.

To edit the Confirmation notification

  1. In the Subject box, type the subject heading that you want to appear in the e-mail message containing the Confirmation notification.

  2. In the Message box, type the Confirmation notification message.

  3. If you want to send each confirmed registrant a meeting reminder, select the Set meeting reminder e-mail check box and then enter the days, hours, and minutes in advance of each meeting start time that you want to send the reminder.

  4. If you want the Confirmation notification to include a link to the handouts download page for the event, select the Include link to handout check box.

  5. In the Send replies to box, type the e-mail address to which you want registrant responses to the Confirmation notification to be redirected.

  6. Click Save.

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