Meeting Basics

This section describes basic resources that are available to you during a meeting, including:

  • Attendee List and Seating Chart

  • Meeting information

  • Shared Notes

  • Handouts

Viewing the Attendee List and Seating Chart

You can view the list of participants who have joined the meeting, and take action on an individual participant, such as starting a chat. You can also view the current feedback color for each attendee in the list. Feedback colors indicate your current status in the meeting, as your status is color-coded in the Feedback menu on the upper toolbar.

Alternatively, you can view the same information in pictorial format by viewing the Seating Chart. However, in this view, you can not take action on participants.

To view the list of meeting participants

  1. In the main command bar, click Attendees.

  2. If needed, in the Attendees pane, click View, and then click List.

To view the Seating Chart

  • In the Attendees pane, click View, and then click Chart.

To change your feedback color

  • On the upper toolbar, click the Feedback button, and then click a feedback color in the list.

Viewing Meeting Information

At any time during a meeting, you can view basic meeting information, including:

  • Meeting name

  • Meeting date, start time, and end time

  • Meeting ID

  • Entry Code

  • Conference Center

  • Web location (URL) for joining the meeting

  • Call-in Details

To view meeting information

  • In the main command bar, click Meeting.

Using Shared Notes

If your permissions allow, you can take notes during a meeting and share them with the group by using the Shared Notes feature. Shared Notes appear in a window that all participants can view by clicking the Shared Notes button in the upper toolbar. Depending on your permissions, you can view and edit Shared Notes only, or you can also save Shared Notes by copying and pasting them into a text editing application, such as Notepad.

To view or edit Shared Notes

  1. In the upper toolbar, click the Shared Notes button.

  2. In the Shared Notes window, view or edit the notes.

Using Handouts

Presenters and organizers sometimes upload handouts for a meeting. If your permissions allow, you and other participants can download handouts using Office Live Meeting Web Access.

To download a handout

  1. On the upper toolbar, click the Handouts button.

  2. In the Handouts dialog box, click the name of the handout that you want to download.

  3. Click Download.

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