Manage user-defined fields in Business Contact Manager: Add a field

User-defined fields provide more flexibility in managing the records for your Accounts, Business Contacts, Opportunities, and Business Projects. In the Add a Field dialog box, you can either create a new user-defined field, or select a previously created field from another page or form.

  • Create a new user-defined field

    1. Select Add a new field.

    2. In the Field name box, type the name you want. This field can be shared among different forms.

      Note: A field name must be less than 64 characters in length, and cannot include any of the following characters: [,], -, or #.

    3. In the Data type box, select a data type Note that you cannot edit the Data type after you click OK. You must delete the field and add a new field with the Data type you want. See the following table for more information on data types.

    For this type of data

    Select corresponding data type

    Words or sentences up to 96 characters


    Numbers with and without a decimal point (up to 19 digits on either side of the decimal point).




    Prices, income, or any other currency-related data


    Answers to simple questions such as yes or no, on or off, or true or false


    Date or time information in any of the formats available in Outlook


    Whole numbers


    A pre-populated list of possible entries to save time or maintain consistency between forms

    Drop-down list

    • Tip: To include measurements such as height or width in your data, add a group labeled Height or Width, and then add fields labeled Feet, Inches, Meters, or Centimeters, depending on the unit of measurement you want to use.

  • Select a previously created field from another page or form

    1. Select Add a user-defined field you have already created.

    2. If you have previously created user-defined fields, they are listed here. In the list, select a field to add it to your form.

Note: This is part of the process of creating customized Business Contact Manager forms. On the Business Contact Manager menu, point to Manage User-Defined Fields, and then click one of the following: Account, Business Contact, Opportunity, or Business Project. In the appropriate Manage User-Defined Fields dialog box, click Add Field.

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