Manage pay types

The Manage Pay Types dialog box lists the pay types that are available in Microsoft Office Accounting. A pay type is a descriptive category for a type of payroll payment. Examples are regular hours, overtime hours, vacation time, or sick pay.

  1. On the Company menu, point to Manage Support Lists, and then click Pay Type List.

  2. Follow instructions in the Manage Pay Types dialog box.

  3. Do one or more of the following:

    • Add a pay type.


      1. Click Add.

      2. In the Add or Edit Pay Type dialog box, type the name of the pay type (for example, state sales tax) in the Pay type box.

      3. Type a description for the pay type.

      4. Click the arrow next to Type to select a pay type category (for example, earning or deduction).

      5. Click the arrow next to Account to select an account to which to link a pay type. For example, an earning pay type could be linked to a payroll expense, and a deduction pay type could be applied to an expense account such as health insurance.

      6. Click OK.

    • Edit a pay type.


      1. Select a pay type name.

      2. Click Edit.

      3. Follow the instructions in the Add or Edit Pay Type dialog box.

      4. Click OK.

    • Remove a pay type.

      Note: You cannot remove a pay type if you have entered transactions that refer to it.


      1. Select a pay type name.

      2. Click Remove.

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