Manage Data Source Information using the Manage Data Portal

Note   This article applies to the previous Power BI experience (commonly called Power BI for Office 365), and not to the new Power BI experience. Try the new Power BI. Read more about migrating from Power BI for Office 365 to the new Power BI.

You can edit basic information about the data sources in Power BI for Office 365 using the Manage Data portal such as display name and description. You can also specify how other users within the enterprise can request access to data in a data source to create and share queries based on the data source, or to use the shared queries that use the data source. The values that are entered here, including the display name and request access URL, are presented to users who connect to the data source using Power Query. By entering data source metadata in the Manage Data portal, data stewards can help ensure that information workers and other data stewards can select the most appropriate data sources for their queries.

To manage data source information:

  1. Sign in to the Manage Data portal.

  2. Click data sources in the left pane to view all the data sources.

  3. Find the required data source from the list, right click on the data source row or click the open menu (…) next to the data source, and click EDIT.

    Data sources in the Manage Data portal

  4. In the next screen, you edit the name and description for the data source. An informative name and description helps other's in your organization find your data source in the Power BI Data Catalog. To learn more about the benefits of organizing your data sources in the Data Catalog, see Do more with your data with the Data Catalog. In Approver for access requests, specify an email address or URL that will be used to request access to this data source:

    • If you specify an email address in the Approver for access requests field, the default email client on the user’s computer will launch with a pre-written message addressed to the specified email address when the user requests access to this data source using Power Query.

    • If you specify a URL in the Approver for access requests field, the URL will open in the default browser on the user’s computer when the user requests access to this data source using Power Query.

      To request access to a data source, see Request Access to Data Sources.

      Manage data source information

  5. Click Save.

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