Manage Address Book

Manage Address Book

Search for contact by.

  • Last name. Full last name of contact or first few letters of the last name.

  • First name. Full first name of contact or the first few letters of the first name.

  • E-mail address. Full e-mail address of contact or first few letters of the e-mail address.

Search. Executes a search for a contact.

All. Displays a list of all contacts in your personal address book.

Create New Contact. Opens the Create New Contact page.

Name. Sorts contacts by name.

Email. Sorts contacts by e-mail address.

Edit. Displays contact information for editing.

Delete. Indicates a contact to be deleted.

Page #. Goes to another page of contacts.

Until you have viewed the account address book, you will not have a personal address book to manage.

The Manage Address Book page does not display contacts listed in the account address book, which is accessible to all conference center users.

Create New Contact

First name. Type the first name of the new contact.

Last name. Type the last name of the new contact.

E-mail address. Type the e-mail address of the new contact.

Update Contact

First name. Update the first name of the contact.

Last name. Update the last name of the contact.

E-mail address. Update the e-mail address of contact.

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