Make sure people can get to your Office 365 public website if they don’t type www

If you have an Office 365 Public Website, to make sure people can get to it without having to type “www”, you need to set up redirection. After you follow these steps, both and, for example, will take people to your website on your domain.

There’s one exception: If you chose to have Office 365 manage your DNS records in the Office 365 domains setup wizard, you don’t need to take the extra steps here. When Office 365 manages your DNS records, it automatically sets up DNS records that send people to your domain’s Office 365 website, with or without typing “www” in the URL for your site.

If instead, you manage your own DNS, you’ll have to set it up yourself. Choose the link for your DNS host below to set up the redirection to make sure people get to your Office 365 website without adding the “www”.

If your DNS host offers URL redirection, set it up there

The following hosting providers offer URL redirection services (in addition to others). For step-by-step instructions on how to set up URL redirection for your Office 365 public website, click the name of the hosting provider:

If your DNS hosting provider doesn’t offer URL redirection, buy it elsewhere

If your DNS host doesn’t offer redirection, you can use another company that provides URL redirection services. There are a number of companies that offer these services. To set up redirection, you buy an Internet link from the company, and the link redirects people to your website by mapping the domain without “www” to the fully qualified domain name for the site.

If you need to troubleshoot website issues

If these troubleshooting steps don’t help in your situation, try posting a question in the Office 365 community forums. They’re a great resource, including Microsoft support agents who can help if you’ve tried the steps here and are still stuck.

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