Linking to Excel data in a row definition in Management Reporter

When you refer to a particular worksheet in an Excel workbook file, be sure that the name of the worksheet is at least two characters-for example, [workbook.xls]AA.

When you refer to a specific cell in an Excel file, use the cell's column letter and row number references, such as C10 (column C, row 10). Management Reporter does not support referencing ranges of cells within an Excel worksheet.

The following examples are all valid references:

  • @WKS (B=B5)

  • @WKS (B=B5, C=C5, D=D5)

  • @WKS (B=B5 C=C5 D=D5)

Because the column definition is defined separately from the row definition in Management Reporter, you must determine which report columns are to receive the data from the Excel file.

Note:  The report columns that accept data from an Excel file are the columns that are identified in the column definition as FD or WKS. If you reference an Excel worksheet cell in a CALC, DESC, or FILL column, the value is ignored.

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