Link a Visio file to another document

  1. Open the Microsoft Office Visio drawing you want to link. If it's a multiple-page drawing, display the page that you want to appear in the other document, and then save the drawing to a specific location.

    Only the page you display appears in the other document.

  2. Make sure that nothing on the drawing is selected, and then on the Edit menu, click Copy Drawing.

    This command copies the entire drawing, including shapes on other drawing pages and on backgrounds.

  3. With the Visio program still open, open the document in the program in which you want to include the Visio drawing.

  4. Click that program's command for linking objects. (In Microsoft Office system programs, for example, on the Edit menu, click Paste Special.)

  5. Make sure that Microsoft Visio Drawing Object is selected, click Paste Link, and then click OK.

    The drawing you copied appears in the document, linked to the original Visio file.

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