Let users create their own team sites

As the admin, you can let users in your company create their own team sites to manage their projects and related documents. Site creation is turned on by default, so setting up a new team site for users is as easy as clicking a link on their Sites page and providing a name for the site. The new team sites are created under the root SharePoint site—for example, http://contoso.sharepoint.com/newsite.

To control whether users can create their own team sites:

  1. Go to Admin > Service settings > sites and document sharing.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Turn on site creation.

    • Turn off site creation.

A picture of the site creation switch

Note:  If you set the switch to Off, it will disable the default permissions that allow site creation for users in your company and hide the New Sites link on the Sites page. You will still be able to create sites from the More Content page in SharePoint, as will any other users who have permission to do so.

Site permissions

When users create their own team sites by using the New Site link on the Sites page, unique user groups are created for Visitors, Members, and Owners who use the default settings in SharePoint Online. The new site does not inherit permissions from its parent site. These groups are automatically named when you add the site name to the group name—for example, ProjectX Members—and control who can see what information on the site.

When users first create sites, they alone have access to the site. Site owners can then share the site and assign permissions to users as usual.

For more information about using the default settings in SharePoint Online, see Default permission levels.

For more information about permissions inheritance, see What is permissions inheritance?.

Site navigation

New sites have their own navigation structure. They do not inherit the parent site’s navigation.

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