Let Microsoft StaffHub provision accounts for deskless workers

Microsoft StaffHub has the ability to create new Office 365 accounts for deskless workers who don't already have an identity in your organization. IT may find this helpful as it will allow them to scale to the larger number of deskless workers and focus on the ongoing maintenance of accounts.

For each account it creates, Microsoft StaffHub does the following:

  • Assigns an ID in the form of FirstName.LastName@<domain>.com. If there's a conflict with an existing ID, a number is appended to the end of the alias.

  • Adds the account to the DesklessWorkers security group. This will let you easily keep track of all self-provisioned accounts, and generate reports if needed.

  • Creates the account in the Azure Active Directory for your organization.

Grant StaffHub access to create accounts

You need Office 365 global admin permissions to do these steps.

  1. Go to https://staffhub.ms/admin.

  2. Sign in to Microsoft StaffHub with your Office 365 global admin account.

    Sign in with an AD admin account.

  3. Toggle "Self Provision Accounts" to On.

  4. You will need to choose the domain that your deskless worker accounts will be created with. All domains associated with your directory will be available for you to pick from.

    Choose Save and then you're done! You can sign out.

Next steps

If you are a manager, here's what you do to get started using Microsoft StaffHub:

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