Learning roadmap for PowerPoint for Mac 2011

Follow this roadmap of training and Help topics to learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2011 in a systematic, step-by-step approach.

1. Become familiar with PowerPoint



Video: What’s New in PowerPoint for Mac 2011

Download this series of videos that provide a short introduction to some of the new and important features in PowerPoint for Mac 2011.

Video: PowerPoint for Mac 2011 basics

Whether you’re new to PowerPoint for Mac 2011 or need a refresher, download this series of videos that provides an overview of essential concepts to help you become productive quickly.

Tutorial: PowerPoint for Mac 2011 Basics

Download this .pdf for a step-by-step tutorial covering the same concepts as in the PowerPoint basics video, only using text and images.

Video: Up to speed with the Office for Mac ribbon

Get familiar with the Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 ribbon, which combines the Formatting Palette and Elements Gallery from previous versions of Office, giving you quick and convenient access to the features and tools that you use the most.

2. Design a presentation



About designing a presentation

Understand the differences among common PowerPoint for Mac 2011 design elements such as slide masters, layouts, and themes.

Start with a template to create a new document

Learn how to find templates for presentations, content slides, calendars, and more by using the PowerPoint Presentation Gallery.

Tutorial: Design with Themes, Part 1: The Basics

Download this .pdf and learn to apply and customize a theme, which is a coordinated set of fonts, colors, and visual effects.

Create or change slide layouts

Create or change a slide layout to define how content appears on a slide.

Change slide backgrounds

Apply or change a slide background, independent of the slide theme.

3. Add and format pictures, layers, and other objects



Add or replace a picture

Add a picture to a presentation from the Media Browser and other locations.

Video: Retouch your photos

Watch this short overview on how to edit photos directly in a presentation.

Apply or change a style or effect for a picture

Apply creative effects such as predefined picture styles and reflections to give pictures an interesting look.

Video: Manage objects and layers easily

Watch this short overview on how to use the Dynamic Reordering tool to arrange slide objects and layers.

Convert text to a SmartArt graphic and vice versa

Quickly transform a basic bulleted list into descriptive information graphic.

4. Add actions, sounds, and movies to a presentation



Add, edit, or remove transitions

Apply transitions, such as dissolves and fades, between your slides.

Animate text and objects

Change the way that text and objects appear and exit from a slide.

Record a slide show

Record a presentation so that narration is included when you present.

Add a movie to a slide

Embed or link to a movie that you want to play in a presentation.

5. Collaborate, save, and share



Video: Edit a presentation with multiple authors

Watch this short overview on how to collaborate on presentations that are saved on Windows Live OneDrive or SharePoint.

Save a document to SharePoint or OneDrive

Save a presentation to OneDrive or SharePoint so that you can share your presentation with team members.

Save a presentation as a movie file

Save a presentation as a QuickTime movie so that computers that don't have PowerPoint installed can view your presentation.

Run a presentation as a movie at a kiosk

Set up a presentation so that it can run unattended on computers that don't have PowerPoint installed.

Sharing documents with other versions of Office

Learn about the different formats in which you can share a presentation, template, or slide show with other PowerPoint users.

6. Prepare and present



Rehearse and set slide timings

Record how long you spend on each slide, and then use those timings to advance slides automatically.

Print slides, handouts, and notes

Print materials, such as handouts and notes, for an audience.

Video: Perfect your presentation

Watch this short video overview on how to use presenter view to rehearse and deliver a great presentation.

Use an Apple Remote to move through your slide show

Learn how to use an Apple Remote to advance through slides.

Video: Broadcast your presentation to anyone, anywhere

Watch this short overview on how to broadcast a presentation to a remote audience.

7. Explore other useful resources



Interactive: Can't find it in Office for Mac 2011?

Use this visual, interactive guide to find where PowerPoint 2008 commands are located in PowerPoint 2011.

PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts

See the full list of keyboard shortcuts, organized into logical categories.

Customize the ribbon

Rearrange, show, and hide tabs on the ribbon.

Known issues in PowerPoint 2011

See a list of known issues as well as potential workarounds.

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