Learn about report templates in PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer (PerformancePoint Server)

You can use PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer to create dashboards and dashboard elements, such as scorecards and reports. When you create a report in Dashboard Designer, you begin with a report template.

To access the available templates, click the Create tab on the Ribbon, which is part of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface, and then click Other Reports. When the Select a Report Template wizard opens, you can choose from a wide variety of report templates, as shown below.

Illustration of report templates available in Dashboard Designer

The following table lists the report templates, the data source each requires, and the kind of information each displays.

Report templates in Dashboard Designer

Use this template

With this data source

To display informat ion in this form

Analytic Chart

SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

Interactive bar charts or line charts

Analytic Grid

SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

Interactive tables, which are known as grids

Excel Services

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 workbook that has been published to Excel Services

The Excel 2007 workbook can use data in Analysis Services, an open database connectivity (ODBC) data source, or a tabular data source, such as a SQL Server table or a SharePoint list

Interactive worksheets, which you can format and customize


Excel 2007

  • Bar charts

  • Line charts

  • Pie charts

  • Smoothline charts

  • Scatter plots

  • Bubble charts

  • Area charts

  • Radar charts


Excel 2007

Interactive tables that you can format and customize

ProClarity Analytics Server Page

ProClarity Analytics Server reports that use a variety of data sources, including SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services, SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services, and SQL Server Reporting Services

ProClarity views, including

  • Perspective View

  • Decomposition Tree

  • Performance Map

  • Analytic charts

  • Analytic grids

  • Other ProClarity report types


Excel 2007 or Access 2007

Static worksheets

SQL Server Report

Reporting Services reports

Interactive views of existing SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services reports

Strategy Map

Key performance indicators (KPIs) in a scorecard

Organizational charts or workflows that show performance for individual components

Trend Analysis Chart

Scorecard KPIs

Static charts that show performance of one or more metrics over time

Web Page Report

Web Servers

Internal or external Web sites

Important: Before you create your report, make sure that the data source for the report has been published to PerformancePoint Monitoring Server by using Dashboard Designer. In addition, verify that you have Read permissions to the data before you create your report.

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