Known Issues in Office for Android tablets and phones

Office for Android tablets and phones

Why can’t I find the Office apps in the Google Play Store?

Microsoft is aware there is an issue finding Office in the Google Play store for certain Samsung Android devices. We are working to find a solution to this issue.

Device not compatible

Check to see if your device meets the following system requirements:

  • Android tablet with a screen size of 7"-10.1"

  • OS version KitKat (4.4.X)

  • ARM-based processor (Intel processor won't work)

  • 1 GB RAM or above Sign in with a free Microsoft account to create or edit docs on tablets with a screen size of 10.1 inches or smaller

You must be signed in to Office

  • To print Word documents, please sign in with your work/school or Microsoft account.

  • To recover Word documents, please sign in. If you aren't signed in, Word won't recover content even if the File > Settings > Auto-Recovery is turned On.

  • To use Office for Android tablets, please sign in using your work/school or Microsoft account even if you are signed into OneDrive for Android with the same credentials.

Print Error: "Unfortunately, print spooler has stopped."

Issue: This error may occur when you try to print on an Android phone or tablet device with Android 4.4.2. The print error is a known issue in Android 4.4.2.

Workaround: Install an older version of the Cloud Print app (0.9.10). For more information, contact Google support.

Some Excel files might not print right

This is a known issue at this time.

Auto-recovery doesn't recover data from macro-enabled files

This is a known issue at this time.

Dropbox prompts for credentials every time you open an Office file

The Dropbox authorization prompt is launched as a new activity on top of the Office app. To make sure that the Dropbox authorization is successful, the Office app must continue to run in the background. If the option Don't keep activities under APPS in Settings > Developer Options is enabled, the Office App closes when the Dropbox authorization screen launches.

  1. To turn off the option, go to your device Settings >Developer options.

  2. Under APPS, disable Don't keep activities.

SharePoint files with short URLs won't open

If the file uses a short URL, like http://adatum, then the file won't open. You'll need the complete URL, like, to open the SharePoint files.

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