Keyboard shortcuts for Planning Business Modeler

The keyboard shortcuts that are available in PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler are the standard ones that are available with Windows-based operating systems. For more information, see the Help on your desktop.

Additionally, keyboard access to toolbars is provided by MouseKeys technology. MouseKeys enables you to use the numeric keypad to control the movement of the mouse pointer. You can use the numeric keypad for data entry and for navigation. For more information, see MouseKeys: Control the Mouse Pointer Using the Numeric Keypad on the Microsoft Accessibility Web site.

The Go menu

The Go menu is situated in the menu bar of Planning Business Modeler. You can display it by pressing ALT + G on the keyboard. This menu gives you access to the three main areas of the application. The following table lists the three areas and their keyboard shortcuts.

Application Area

Keyboard Shortcut

Workspace Browser

CTRL + 1


CTRL + 2

Workspace Actions

CTRL + 3

For more information about this menu, see About the Go menu.

The Actions menu

The Actions menu, which is situated in the menu bar of Planning Business Modeler, gives you quick keyboard access to the main tasks, dialog boxes, and wizards in the application. To display the Actions menu press ALT + A on the keyboard. Based on the workspace or page in which you are working, the options that are available on the Actions menu change. For information about the options as they appear in each workspace or page, see About the Actions menu.

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