Introduction to Microsoft Office Live Meeting Web Access

What's New in Office Live Meeting Web Access

Office Live Meeting Web Access includes the following new features and changes from previous versions:

  • Re-designed console. The updated Office Live Meeting Web Access more closely matches the appearance and functionality of the Microsoft Windows-based client.

  • Handouts. If you use the Windows-based client to upload handouts for a meeting, you and the other participants can download the handouts using Office Live Meeting Web Access.

  • Breakout Rooms. If you use the Windows-based client to set up Breakout Rooms for participant subgroups, you can use Breakout Rooms, as well as start and end the breakout sessions, using Office Live Meeting Web Access.

  • Multimedia playback. You can view synchronized and asynchronized audio and video file playback during a meeting.

  • Shared Notes. You take notes during a meeting and share them with the group.

  • Virus scan. During document upload, files are scanned for viruses.

Differences Between the Windows-Based Client and Office Live Meeting Web Access

The following features, available in the Microsoft Windows-based client, are not available in Office Live Meeting Web Access:

  • Computer audio

  • Webcam and Microsoft RoundTable video

  • Viewing audio status for attendees

  • Docking menu panes

  • Keyboard navigation and shortcuts

  • Sharing a single application

  • Using desktop sharing and frame sharing when running on Windows® (these features are available when running on Sun® Solaris™ or Apple® Macintosh®)

  • Creating and sharing a screen snapshot

  • Saving Shared Notes by using the Save icon

  • High fidelity PowerPoint rendering and slide animation

  • Controlling synchronized playback of multimedia content

  • Uploading and deleting handouts (the Web-based client supports downloading handouts)

  • Breakout room setup and management (breakout rooms are supported, but setup and management must be done using a Windows-based client)

  • Personal recording

  • Localized user interface (only English is available)

Operating System and Feature Dependencies

Depending on your operating system, you might not have access to the following Office Live Meeting Web Access features:

  • Starting application sharing is not supported for Microsoft Windows-based browsers.

  • Importing resources is not supported for Apple Macintosh-based and Sun Solaris-based browsers.

  • Playback of Windows Media Player files is not supported for Sun Solaris-based browsers.

  • The ActiveX file uploader is supported on Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7 running on Windows. If you are using other browsers, you can upload files that are in Live Meeting format only.

If you want to use these features and they are not supported for your operating system, run the Windows-based client.

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