Insert meeting details from Outlook into notes

You can insert the details of an Microsoft Office Outlook meeting into your notes. Meeting details can include the date and location of the meeting, a list of attendees, the subject matter, and the agenda items for the meeting. Adding this information to your meeting notes can give them a more consistent appearance and provide a more complete record of the meeting.

  1. In Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, on the Insert menu, click Outlook Meeting Details.

  2. In the Insert Outlook Meeting Details dialog box, do one of the following:

    • To select a meeting that occurs today, click its time and subject in the list.

    • To select a meeting that occurs on a different day, click the calendar icon Button image and then select a specific date, or click the Previous Day Button image or Next Day Button image button to display a past or future meeting, and then click its time and subject in the list.

  3. Click Insert Details.

Note: Outlook meeting details are placed into OneNote as text. You can freely add to, change, or delete any part of the meeting details in OneNote without affecting the original meeting notice in your Outlook schedule.

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