Insert extra writing space in OneNote 2016 for Windows

If your pages in OneNote 2016 are full of notes, you can create extra writing space in the left margin or in the middle of a page.

  1. Click Insert > Insert Space.

    Screenshot of the Insert Space button in OneNote 2016.

  2. Move the mouse to area where you want to add the space

    The mouse pointer will turn into an arrow so you know which direction you can drag it.

  3. Click and drag the arrow until you’ve created the space you need.

    Tip:  If you make a mistake, press Ctrl+Z to undo your action, and try again.

Remove extra writing space

If you remove content from a page, and you want to remove the blank space created by the deletion, you can bring the remaining note containers and objects on the page closer together.

  1. On page with too much space, click Insert > Insert Space.

  2. Move the mouse to the bottom of the space you want to remove.

    The pointer will turn into a double-sided arrow.

  3. Click and drag the arrow upward until you’ve removed as much space as you want.

    Tip:  If you make a mistake, press Ctrl+Z, and then try again.

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