Insert a title into a form or report

  1. Open the form or report in Layout view.


    In the Navigation Pane, right-click the form or report and then click Layout View Button image on the shortcut menu.

  2. On the Format tab, in the Controls group, click Title. Button image

    A new label is added to the form or report header, and the form or report name is displayed as the title.

  3. When the label is created, the text in the label is automatically selected so that you can change the text by typing the title you want.

  4. Press ENTER when you have finished.

Edit an existing form or report title

  1. Place the cursor in the label that contains the title by double-clicking the label.

  2. Type the text you want to use as the title, and then press ENTER when you have finished.

Applies To: Access 2007

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