Insert a screen clipping on a notes page

Capturing visual information on your computer screen is a great way to preserve content that may eventually change or expire— like a breaking news story or a time-sensitive list. You can take a screen clipping of any part of your computer screen and add it as a picture in your notes.

  1. Bring into view the information that you want to capture (for example, a web page).

  2. Switch to OneNote, and place the cursor where you want to add the screen clipping.

  3. Click Insert > Screen Clipping.

    Insert a screen clipping

  4. Click and drag the pointer to select the area of the screen you want to capture.

    OneNote minimizes and you are returned to a dimmed version of the last thing you looked at.

When you release the mouse button, the image will appear in your notes. It will also be copied to the Windows Clipboard so you can paste (CTRL+V) the screen clipping on another page in your notebook or into any other program or document.

Note    Screen clippings are static images that represent a snapshot of information. If the source of the information is updated, the screen clipping remains the same. There’s no link between a screen clipping and its original source.

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Applies To: OneNote 2013

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