Import data to Outlook Customer Manager

You can import your contacts, companies, and deals from an Excel spreadsheet. This can be particularly helpful if you're migrating from an existing contact management solution to Outlook Customer Manager.

Import data from a .CSV file

A .CSV file is a comma delimited file that can be read by Excel. If you have your data stored in an Excel spreadsheet, you can choose File > Save As, and save your file as a .CSV file.

  1. From the Data group in the Outlook Customer Manager ribbon, choose Import.

  2. Choose the type of data you want to import.

  3. Choose Browse... to select the .CSV file.

  4. Choose Next to allow Outlook Customer Manager to analyze your file. This allows Outlook Customer Manager to verify that the file can be imported.

  5. Map the columns in your .CSV file to fields in Outlook Customer Manager. For example, you can map a .CSV file's City field to the Business Address City field in Outlook Customer Manager.

  6. Choose Next and select how you want to handle duplicate entries.

  7. Choose Next again to allow Outlook Customer Manager to validate your file, then choose Begin import.

  8. After the import completes, choose Close to view your newly imported information.

Learn more about Outlook Customer Manager

If you have questions about Outlook Customer Manager or want to browse all of our documentation on the product, see Outlook Customer Manager FAQ.

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