Import data from an Access database

This article shows you how to bring data from a desktop database into an Access web app, so you can share it with friends and colleagues in an internet browser. Before you get started, here are some things to consider:

  • Access will not import table relationships, calculated columns, validation rules, default values, attachment fields, OLE object fields, and certain other legacy data types.

  • Access will preserve lookups, so if you have related tables, make sure the relationships are established by using lookup fields before you import the tables into the web app.

Those preliminaries aside, here’s how to do the import:

  1. Create a new web app or open an existing web app in Access. (If you’re viewing an existing app in a browser, click Settings > Customize in Access).

    The Customize in Access link in an Access app.

  2. If the Add Tables page isn’t displayed, click Home > Table.

  3. Under Create a table from an existing data source, click Access.

    Creating a table from an existing data source.

  4. Click Browse, select the desktop database you’re importing from, and click Open.

  5. Click OK, select the tables you want to import, and click OK again.

  6. Close the wizard.

Access displays the new table(s) on the left side of the screen, and creates default views for each one. At this point, the best thing to do is click Home > Launch App. In the browser, click the new tables and views to see how everything looks. To make changes to the default views, close the browser and customize the app in Access.

Applies To: Access 2013

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