Import contacts to an account

This article explains how to import contacts to your account. If you want to add other email accounts to, see Add your other email accounts to

Step 1: Export your list of contacts to a .csv file

When you export your contacts from your email provider, they will often be stored in a .csv file. You'll use this file to import your contacts into your account.

For instructions about how to export your contacts from another service, contact your email provider. If someone sent you a list of contacts in Excel, open the file in Excel and then save it as a .csv file type.

Step 2: Import the contacts to your account

  1. In, select People at the bottom of the page.

    A screenshot of the People button

  2. Select Manage > Import contacts.

    A screenshot of the Import contacts button.

    If you don't see the Import contacts button, wait a few moments and then select Manage again.

  3. Select Gmail (even though your .csv file might not have come from Gmail) because Gmail uses the .csv file type.

  4. Select Browse, choose your .csv file, and select Open.

  5. At the top of pane, select Upload.

Need help?

If you're having trouble importing contacts to your account, see Fix problems importing contacts to

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