Import cell styles from another workbook

When you create or change a style, the style is saved together with the workbook that it is in. You can import those cell styles from that workbook into another workbook.

  1. Open the workbook that contains the styles that you want to import.

  2. Open the workbook that you want to merge the styles into.

  3. On the Home tab, under Format, point to any style, and then click More Down Arrow .

    Home tab, Format group

  4. Click Import Cell Styles.

  5. Click the workbook that contains the styles that you want to import and merge, and then click OK.

  6. If the workbook that you are copying styles from has styles with the same names as the active workbook, you must select which version to use in the active workbook. Do one of the following:



Overwrite the styles in the active workbook with the copied styles


Keep the styles in the active workbook as they are


Tip: When you move or copy a sheet from one workbook to another, all the styles that are used on that sheet are also copied to that workbook.

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