I can't see changes made by other authors

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Cause: The document was checked out instead of opened on the server.

Solution:    Open the file from a SharePoint site.

  1. On the File menu, click Open URL.

  2. In the URL box, type the URL for the document that is located on SharePoint, such as http://fabrikam/shared%20documents/DocumentName.docx.

    Note: You have to use a URL for a document in a SharePoint library. You cannot use a URL for other areas of a SharePoint site, such as a SharePoint list or top-level sites.

  3. Click Open.


    • You can also open a document that is located on SharePoint from your browser. To open the document in Word, click Open in Word.

    • If you prefer to edit the file separately instead of at the same time as other authors, you can check out the file. On the File menu, click Check Out. When you check out a file, the other authors are "locked out" and can only read the file.

Solution:    Open the file from Windows Live OneDrive.

  1. Open your browser and sign in to Windows Live OneDrive.

  2. Find and click the document, and then click Open in Word.

Cause: The changes were not saved to the server or refreshed into your copy of the document.

Solution:    Save and refresh the document.

  1. On the status bar at the bottom of the window, click Updates Available  Updates available to refresh the document with updates.

  2. On the This document was refreshed with updates by other authors dialog box, click OK.

    Your changes are saved to the server, and updates that were made by the other authors appear in your document as tracked changes.


    • Updates that were made by other authors are refreshed automatically only if they don't conflict with your changes. If any updates conflict with your changes, you will be able to review the conflicting changes before they are saved and decide which changes to accept or reject.

    • You can also click Save  Save and refresh button  on the Standard toolbar to refresh the document with updates that were made by other authors.

Solution:    Ask the other authors to save and refresh the document before you save and refresh the document.

  • Send an instant message or e-mail to the other authors asking them to save and refresh the document.

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