I adjusted the remaining work, but now my resources are scheduled for overtime


You adjust the amount of remaining work, but as a consequence your resources are scheduled to work overtime.


Microsoft Office Project 2007 automatically reschedules work based on the information that you enter, attempting to optimize the schedule for you. However, the automatic optimizations may not always meet your specific needs.


You can use any of the following methods to eliminate the unwanted overtime:

  • Reassign the remaining work    You can reassign the remaining work to resources that have the needed time available.

    Find links to more information about reassigning the remaining work in the See Also section.

  • Postpone the remaining work    You can split the task, creating a gap between the actual work and the remaining work, and then reschedule the remaining work.

    Find links to more information about splitting the task and rescheduling the remaining work in the See Also section.

  • Change the task type to avoid overallocations    To ensure that Office Project 2007 never overallocates resources when distributing the remaining work, you can change your task type from fixed duration to fixed units, which will cause the current task to take longer but will ensure that your resources are not scheduled to work overtime.

    Note: Changing the task type may affect the scheduling of other tasks that are dependent upon that task and may also affect the allocation of related resources.

    Find links to more information about setting and changing the task type that Office Project 2007 uses to calculate the task duration in the See Also section.

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