Hybrid picker in the SharePoint Online admin center

What is the Hybrid Picker?

Hybrid Picker is a wizard that can be downloaded to your SharePoint Server from Office 365. The wizard helps automate certain configuration steps needed to connect your on-premises SharePoint Server environment with SharePoint Online in Office 365. The Hybrid Picker wizard is your assistant, designed to do some of the work for you.

Use the Hybrid Picker wizard to redirect OneDrive for Business to SharePoint Online, leverage hybrid site features or app launcher, and add some extra integration between on-premises SharePoint Server and an extranet site made in Office 365. Hybrid Picker also creates a Server-to-Server (S2S)/OAuth connection for your SharePoint Hybrid features.

Using the Hybrid Picker

First, you need to make sure you meet the prerequisites in your SharePoint Server on-premises farm, then you can run the Hybrid Picker wizard.


The following are the general requirements to run the Hybrid Picker. You must be:

  • A member of the Farm Administrators group

  • A service application administrator (Full Control) for the User Profile Service

  • Either an Office 365 Global Administrator or a SharePoint Online Administrator

  • Logged into Office 365 and SharePoint Server from a server in your SharePoint Server farm

  • Able to launch the Hybrid Picker as a Farm Administrator with elevated permissions


The Hybrid Picker wizard must be launched from an on-premises server with SharePoint Server 2013 or SharePoint Server 2016 installed. Launch it in the environment you want to use for your SharePoint hybrid.

SharePoint hybrid features offered in the Hybrid Picker

Use the Hybrid Picker to either configure, or assist with the configuration of, hybrids that connect Office 365 and your on-premises SharePoint environment.

The Hybrid picker helps with or completes the setup of these hybrid features:

  • Hybrid OneDrive - Choosing this option will redirect on-premises My Sites/OneDrive for Business sites to SharePoint OnlineOneDrive for Business in Office 365. Once the wizard completes, any click of the OneDrive link from on-premises will redirect to OneDrive for Business in the cloud. Your redirection will be complete and users can begin to migrate any files to their online OneDrive. This option also sets up hybrid user profiles. When users click to view a profile, they will be redirected to the profile in Office 365.

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  • Hybrid Sites Features - Choosing this option sets up hybrid sites features, a suite of site integration features, as well as OneDrive for Business redirection. Clicking this option configures hybrid OneDrive for Business and hybrid user profiles, hybrid site following, and the hybrid app launcher.

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  • Hybrid App Launcher - This hybrid feature further integrates Office 365 with your on-premises SharePoint server farm by placing tiles like Office 365 Delve and Video (as well as custom Office 365 tiles you may have) on the on-premises SharePoint Server App Launcher. This option also sets up hybrid OneDrive for Business with user profile redirection, and sites features.

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  • Hybrid Extranet Business to Business sites - Choosing this option will install extra features you can integrate with an extranet site you create in Office 365. With Office 365 extranet, partners can connect directly to a members-only site in Office 365 without access to the corporate on-premises environment or any other Office 365 site. Choosing this option sets up OneDrive for Business and user profile redirection, sites features, and hybrid app launcher.

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For all options, the hybrid picker configures a server-to-server trust between your SharePoint Server farm and Office 365.

To get started configuring hybrid features for your environment, choose your version of SharePoint Server:

SharePoint Server 2013   

SharePoint Server 2016   

How we use your data

Hybrid Picker is part of the Office 365 Support Assistant. Hybrid Picker may use your information in the ways outlined by Office 365 Support Assistant documentation seen here. You'll find a more detailed discussion of Microsoft's privacy policies, right here (please remember to click the 'Privacy Statement' link in the privacy policies article)!

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