How to use Visio Viewer with a strategy map deployed in a dashboard

A strategy map is a report type that displays various performance measures in an organization. The strategy map uses shapes in an Office Visio 2007 diagram to show the relationships between the objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs), and uses color to communicate how each objective or KPI is performing.

You can use Visio Viewer 2007 to interact with the strategy map by using the toolbar that floats along the top of the strategy map in the dashboard. (Visio Viewer 2007 does not require you to install Microsoft Office Visio 2007 on your computer.)

For example, you can use Visio Viewer to open and view Visio drawings such as strategy maps. You can also change the size of the map, customize the Visio Viewer environment, and increase or decrease zoom. You cannot, however, edit, save, or create a new Visio drawing.

Note: To print a strategy map, use the print capabilities of your browser.

Each Visio Viewer toolbar button has a tooltip that identifies its basic function. However, if you want more explicit procedural help for each button, see View or print Visio drawings with Visio Viewer 2007 on Office Online.

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