Change your Office 365 settings

How do you customize Office 365 for business?

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With a few changes to your settings, you can customize Office 365 for business to the way you work and save you time. Once you sign in to your Office 365 account, you can change or view the following:

Note: Depending on what your admin has enabled, it is possible you may not be able to change some or any of these options or settings.

  • Subscriptions: see what products and licenses your organization has assigned to you.

  • Security & Privacy: change your password and update your contact preferences.

  • App permissions: find out which apps access your work or school account information.

  • Install status: see how many installations of Office you have used, deactivate an installation or install Office on your PC or Mac.

  • Settings: change your theme, start page, notifications or language.

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The settings in your Office 365 account are a powerful tool to make Office work the way you want and save you time.

When you're signed in, the gear wheel in the top right corner is your Settings icon.

The settings pane is different for each app.

That means if you're on your Home Page you’ll see settings like Notifications or Language.

But when using Mail you see options such as Automatic replies and add-ins.

If you’re not sure where a setting is, you can always search at the top of the menu.

To see all of the options click your profile picture and then View account.

From here you can see what products you have been assigned by your organization.

Make changes to your password and contact preferences.

See what apps have access to your work or school account.

Check the install status for your apps or update how your home page looks.

You can even change your home page to the app you use the most.

Whether that’s your e-mail, OneDrive files, or your organization’s teamsite.

A few less clicks of the mouse, ten times a day can turn seconds saved into hours, taking you from the work space to your dream space.

Find the gear wheel and take control to make Office 365 work, the way you work.

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