How do I post invoices to QuickBooks Online?

If your business, or your accountant uses Intuit QuickBooks, Microsoft Invoicing can make life easier. You can use your favorite device to post new invoices in QuickBooks when you send them to customers. There are a couple of things to do to get started. You need to share some data with QuickBooks. All you need to know beforehand is the name of the company, and the account to use to sign in to QuickBooks.

Share data with QuickBooks Online

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QuickBooks Online isn't getting my data. What gives?

There are a few hiccups that can cause sharing to fail, or an update in one to replace an update in the other. We’ve seen a few things related to tax settings in QuickBooks Online, and some that are more miscellaneous:

  • Taxes aren't set up. There's an easy workaround for this one. Go back to Settings, run the assisted setup guide again, and add the information.

  • The invoice uses the Ask My Accountant tax rate with 0%. Get past this by entering a tax rate in Microsoft Invoicing when you create the invoice.

  • The name of a customer or item is not unique. QuickBooks Online requires unique names.

  • You made a mistake when you entered the customer's email address.

Why can’t I find my customers and items?

It’s probably because we haven’t shared the data yet. Don’t worry, we’ll get to it.

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