How do I create a product or service?

Products are the basis of your business, the goods or services that you trade in. Each product must be registered as an item card. Item cards hold the information that is required to buy, store, sell, deliver, and account for products.

Create a product or service

  1. Go to the Items list

    Screenshot of the Invoices app homepage with the third item on the bottom nav selected

    Tap Items

  2. Tap New

  3. Fill in the information about the product or service

    Screenshot showing the new items page of the Invoices app

    Enter a descriptive name, which will make it easier for you to find the item again. If the item is a service, you should choose Hour as the Unit of Measure.

  4. Choose Done to save the item card

Top questions, answered by our team

How can I mark an invoice as paid?

To mark an invoice as paid, do the following:

  • Go to the Invoices list.

  • Tap Next.

  • Choose Mark as Paid.

  • Enter the amount you've received.

  • Save the invoice.

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