Guides to the Ribbon: Use Office 2003 menus to learn the Office 2007 user interface

Wondering where your favorite Office 2003 commands are located in the new 2007 Office system interface? You're in the right place.

  • If you want to explore the rich, new design with some guidance, try the interactive guides to help you quickly learn where things are. You can run the guides right here, or you can download them to your own computer for use any time you like.

  • If you prefer to see just a list of all Office 2003 menu and toolbar commands and their locations in the 2007 Office system, open one of the Microsoft Office Excel mapping workbooks, which you can browse, customize, print, and save on your computer. Instructions on the first tab of each workbook provide tips for customizing, finding, and printing the lists.

Interactive guides

Run from here


Mapping workbooks

All of the mapping workbooks open as Microsoft Office Excel files (see Figure 1, below), so you'll need to have a version of Excel on your computer to see them.

Word mapping workbook
Figure 1: The mapping workbook for Word

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Applies To: Office 2007

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