Group pictures together on a page in OneNote 2016 for Windows

Sometimes it’s helpful to combine multiple items on a page into a single item. For example, grouping together three separate pictures makes it easier to move them around and keep them aligned than if you kept moving each one individually. In OneNote, you can group objects by taking a screen clipping to create an image that combines and keeps items together.

  1. On any page, position the pictures the way you want them to appear together.

  2. De-select all of the pictures by clicking elsewhere on the page.

  3. Hold down the Windows logo key, and press Shift+S to start a screen clipping.

  4. When the screen dims, drag a selection over the pictures you want to group.

  5. When you release the mouse button, click the Copy to Clipboard button in the Select Location in OneNote dialog box that opens.

  6. In your notes, click where you want the grouped pictures to appear, and then press Ctrl+V to paste the screen clipping.


  • If you want to move or copy pictures from other pages onto one page, right-click the picture you want to move or copy, and choose Cut or Copy. Go to the page where you want the picture to be, and press Ctrl+V (or right-click and choose Paste).

  • If you want to place two images beside each other, you can first add a one-rowed, two-column table (Insert > Table). Drag (or cut and paste) the images into each cell so they are side by side.

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