Getting started: Get to know Project 2010

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Microsoft Project 2010 introduces new features to significantly improve how you manage, schedule, and view your project.

If you're already familiar with an earlier version of Microsoft Project, follow the links in this document for information about what's new and different in Project 2010.

Get to know Project 2010

What's new

Get an overview of the new features in Project 2010, including user-controlled scheduling, the timeline view, the team planner, and the Ribbon.

Getting started: Introduction to project management

Learn the foundations of project management methodology to help you get the most out of Microsoft Project 2010.

Getting started: Microsoft Project basics

First things first: What are the basic things you need to know about Project?

Project management quick reference guide for Project 2010

Download this guide to help you through the features of Project 2010 that make you a better project manager.

How scheduling works in Project

New features such as manually scheduled tasks, inactive tasks, and top-down scheduling put more control in your hands.

Learn about the Ribbon

The Ribbon helps you quickly find commands; see how you can use this feature for project management.

Video tutorial: Getting started with Project 2010

View a video tutorial on how to get started with basic project tasks.

Keyboard shortcuts

With the addition of the Ribbon in Project 2010, some of your favorite keyboard shortcuts might have changed.

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