Getting Started as an Organizer

To perform the tasks in this section you must have a Live Meeting membership that is in the Organizer role. For details, contact your Live Meeting administrator.

After you log on, you can start an ad-hoc Meet Now meeting or schedule a meeting to take place sometime in the future. Meet Now is the fastest and easiest way to hold a small, impromptu meeting. By default, the meeting is designed to take place immediately. A Meet Now meeting on Live Meeting service provides a persistent environment that is not deleted from Live Meeting manager. Any content that you load into the meeting is available as long as it is not deleted manually or by content expiration settings, so you can use your meeting as often and as spontaneously as you want.

To log on to your conference center

  • In your Internet Browser, enter the URL of your Live Meeting conference center. For example:[ConferenceCenterName]

Note: If you do not know the URL of your conference center, contact your Live Meeting account administrator.

This topic contains the following sections:

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