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If your purchase of Office 365, Office 2016, or Office 2013 came with a product key, you enter your key at After you enter your key, you can download and install Office.

If you have an existing Office 365 subscription, you can use your product key to renew your subscription.

Your browser does not support video. Install Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player, or Internet Explorer 9.

Did you know? If you already entered a product key and you're trying to install or reinstall Office, you don't have to enter your product key here again. Just go to Install Office on your PC or Mac and follow the steps to reinstall Office. If you have questions about your product key, see Using product keys with Office.

A Microsoft account is required to redeem your product key. With a Microsoft account, you'll be able to reinstall Office later, without the need for your product key.

If you already sign in to a Windows PC, tablet, or phone, Xbox Live,, or OneDrive, you already have a Microsoft account. Use that account instead of creating a new Microsoft account. If you have an existing Office 365 subscription, be sure to sign in with the Microsoft account that's associated with your subscription (we might detect it for you).

If you create a Microsoft account, you can use any email address as the user name for your new Microsoft account, including addresses from, Yahoo! or Gmail.

Tip: We can help you find your Microsoft account if you forgot it. You can reset your Microsoft account password at

Here are some important notes about Microsoft accounts:

  • Your Microsoft account can have only one subscription associated with it. If you use the same Microsoft account to buy or redeem multiple Office 365 subscriptions, you extend the amount of time for your subscription, up to a maximum of 5 years. This doesn't increase the number of devices you can install Office on or increase the amount of online storage that's available with the subscription. For more information, see What happens if I add another Office 365 for home subscription plan to my account?

  • If you have Office 365 Home and need to install Office on more than 5 PCs or Macs, or 5 phones or tablets, you must start a new Office 365 Home subscription when you redeem your product key. You can do this by creating a new Microsoft account or by using an existing Microsoft account that's not associated with an Office 365 subscription. If you need to support more than 5 users, we recommend purchasing an Office 365 business subscription or volume license products of Office instead.

  • You can redeem up to 30 one-time purchases of Office 2013 or Office 2016 on the same Microsoft account. If you'd like to purchase more than 30 copies of Office for work, we recommend purchasing an Office 365 business subscription or volume license products of Office instead.

To enter your product key, type 5 digits of your product key into each box. Just type the letters and numbers, not the hyphens. Verify your country and region and your language, and then select Next to continue. If you get an error, see the Product key errors tab above.

Your 25-character product key should look something like this:


Shows an example of an Office product key

The next steps in the process can vary. Just follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process. For example:

  • If you're setting up a brand new Office 365 subscription, you can configure automatic renewals.

  • If you're renewing an existing Office 365 subscription, you'll go through the renewal process.

  • If you're redeeming a product key for Office Home & Business or Office Home & Student, you won't see any prompts for subscription renewals since these are one-time purchases of Office.

Here are some additional tips about entering your product key:

  • If you have multiple product keys and want to add more than one year to your subscription, go back to and repeat the renewal process for each additional key.

  • If you enter a product key that you have already redeemed, your web browser will redirect to page after you enter the key.

  • After you enter your product key, your current country or region might not appear in the list. This can happen if you buy your product key in a different country or region than where you redeem it. Your product key is only valid for the countries or regions listed. If you need assistance, contact Microsoft support.

Check this list if you get an error when you enter your product key.

Sorry, we can't find this product key in our database (ERR_INVALID_TOKEN) or Sorry, we can't set up your account at the moment (ERR_MISSING_PARTNUMBER or ERR_PKPN_DETAILS_NOTFOUND)

You'll see this error message if you enter a product key for a version of Office that isn't available for download from Here's where you can enter those product keys.

If you're not sure what kind of product key you have, you can use the Virtual support agent (English only). If your product key is valid, the Virtual support agent provides a link to download Office. The Virtual support agent can also let you know if your product key has been blocked and can connect you to a live agent.

The product key isn't valid (INVALID_PRODUCT_KEY or ERR_INVALID_TOKEN)

You'll see this message along with either error code INVALID_PRODUCT_KEY or error code ERR_INVALID_TOKEN if you enter the wrong product key, or if you have a typo in your product key.

Examples of using the wrong product key

Most Microsoft products use a 25-character product key. If you own multiple Microsoft products, it’s easy to confuse the keys and use the wrong one. Here are some common things that can happen:

  • Using the product key from a sticker on a PC

    These product keys are normally for Microsoft Windows. Check the sticker for a product name to make sure it’s for the Office product you’re trying to install.

  • Using product keys for Office 2010 or earlier

    For Office 2011 for Mac, Office 2010, or Office 2007, go to

  • Using on Office 365 for business product key

    These product keys are entered in a different location. For help, see Enter your product key for Office 365 for business.

  • Using the product key provided by a school or organization

    If your school or organization has a volume license agreement for Office, then you are using a different version of Office that uses volume license keys. These keys can’t be used for retail Office versions like Home and Student, Home and Business, or Professional, and can't be entered on this page. See Activate volume editions of Office for more information.

Common ways people mistype the product key

Reading the product key from a label can be difficult. Letters and numbers may look the same.

To avoid typing mistakes, here’s a list of commonly mistyped characters:

  • The letter B and the number 8.

  • The letter G and the number 6.

  • The letter O and the number 0.

  • The letter Q and the number 0.

  • The letters V and V back to back (VV) appear like the letter W.

Tip: If you bought Office from an online retailer and received a confirmation email, try copying and pasting the product key from this email instead of typing it.

The product key isn't valid (KEY_NOT_ACTIVATED)

You'll see this message if the retailer where you purchased Office didn’t activate the product key at the point of sale. The product key must be activated by the retailer before you can use it.

To resolve the issue, go back to the store where you purchased Office and have them activate the product key.

This product key isn't meant for your region

If you get this message, this means that your product key was purchased in a different country or region than where you're currently located. Office product keys must be redeemed in the country or region where they are purchased. If you need assistance, contact Microsoft support.

Sorry, we can't set up your account right now. Hang on to your product key, and try again later (ConversionBlockedSubscriptionViolations)

We can’t redeem your product key due to a billing issue with your Microsoft account.  Please go to, locate the Pay with section, and select the link for Change how you pay or Fix how you pay.

You have reached the maximum number of Office products that can be associated to your Microsoft account

You can redeem up to 30 one-time purchases of Office 2013 or Office 2016 on the same Microsoft account. To redeem additional products, you'll need to create another Microsoft account. For more help, see Getting maximum number error when you try to redeem Office?

I get an error that JavaScript is required to complete the activation process

After you enter a valid product key, the Next button should be enabled. However, if JavaScript isn't enabled in our browser, the Next button won't work. Use the guidance in Enable JavaScript to enable JavaScript in your browser. If you're using an iPad, you must use another device to redeem your product key because JavaScript isn't supported on iPads.

My web browser is blocking cookies

Here's how to enable cookies if your browser is blocking them:

Edge (Windows 10)

  1. In the Edge window, select More (...) > Settings > View advanced settings.

  2. Scroll down to Cookies, and select Don't block cookies

Internet Explorer

  1. In Internet Explorer, in the menu bar, select Tools Tools button in Internet Explorer, upper right corner > Internet options > Privacy > Advanced.

  2. Select Accept or Prompt under First-party Cookies, and Accept or Prompt under Third-party Cookies.

  3. Select OK.


  1. In a Chrome window, do one of the following:

    • In the browser address box, enter chrome://settings/content.


    • On the Chrome menu, select Settings > Show advanced settings, and then under Privacy, select Content settings.

  2. In the Content settings dialog box, under Cookies, make sure Allow local data to be set (recommended) is selected.

  3. Select Done and refresh the browser.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. If you’re using Windows, in the Firefox window, select Open menu Firefox browser options menu > Options.

    Tip:  If you’re using a Mac, go to Firefox > Preferences.

  2. Select the Privacy tab.

  3. In the History section under Firefox will, select Use custom settings for history.

  4. Make sure Accept cookies from sites is checked and Accept third party cookies is set to Always, and then select OK.


  1. On your Mac, go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy.

  2. Under Cookies and website data, select Always allow.

  3. Select Close and refresh the browser.

When you finish the process, you'll see instructions on how to get your Office. You can always go to to install Office later. If you need help, see Install Office on your PC or Mac.

If you're having trouble installing Office, see Troubleshoot installing Office 2016 and Office 2013.

Still need help? Contact Support

If you’ve followed the guidance in this article and still need help, visit our Microsoft support page for assistance.

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