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The main use of Microsoft Publisher 2010 is to produce high-quality print publications. These may be printed on a desktop printer or sent out to a copy shop or commercial print shop. For information to help you choose between these options see Printing: Choose between desktop, copy shop, and commercial printing.

In this article you will be printing the tri-fold brochure created in Get Started - Create a publication article on a desktop printer. If you don’t have a desktop printer you can print the publication to the Microsoft XPS Document Writer, or you can install the Generic PS printer driver. The goal is to print the brochure on both sides of a single sheet of paper.

Note:  The preview window may display in black and white even if your publication(s) includes color if the selected printer does not support color printing, or if the selected printer supports color and you selected Composite Grayscale setting.

In this article

Where is the print command?

Print settings and print preview

Configuring your print settings and printing

Where is the print command?

In Publisher 2010, the print command is now in the Backstage View. To get to the Backstage View, click the File tab in the upper left of Publisher. File tab in Publisehr 2010 In addition to printing, the Backstage View contains commands for saving, opening, and closing files, as well as information about the current publication and sharing the publication, and Publisher options. For more detailed information see the Getting Started - What’s new in Publisher 2010.

Tip:  You can add the Print and the Print Preview commands to the Quick Access Toolbar. For information, please see Customize the Quick Access Toolbar. You can also get to the print command by pressing CTRL+P.

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Print settings and print preview

The new Backstage View for printing looks like this:

Publisher print settings overview

On the left are the print settings and on the right the preview pane. Changes made to the setting in the left pane (of the Print Back stage) will affect both the preview and the printed result. Changes made to the setting in the preview pane (of the Print Back stage) will affect the preview, and will not affect the printed result.

Note:  Some of these controls are dependent on other settings, for example the color control will only be available if your printer can print in color and the front/back transparency slider will only be available if you choose print on both sides of the paper.

The print settings allow you to configure:

print settings in publisher 2010

1. Print:     Enter the number of copies of the print job you want to print and press Print to send the job to your printer.

2. Printer:     In addition to selecting from a list of available printers, you can also add a new printer, access the Advanced Output Settings, and print to a file.

3. Settings:     The settings section gives you control over:

  • Pages:     Allows you to select specific pages or page ranges to print.

  • Print imposition:     Here you can specify the arrangement of the Publisher pages on the printer’s sheet of paper. For example, you can impose multiple copies of one page on a sheet, or you might impose multiple different pages on a sheet.

  • Paper size:     Select the size and style of the sheets of paper from those supported by the selected printer.

  • One sided/two sided printing:     Choose whether to print on one or both sides of the paper, and which edge to use in flipping the paper.

    Note:  If the printer does not support duplex printing "Manual 2 sided print" will be displayed. This is the case also for the XPS printer driver. After the user presses the print button the printer setup wizard will guide the user on how to print duplex manually.

  • Color:     If your printer supports color this control will allow you to choose color or grayscale printing.

  • Save settings with publication:     If selected this check box will save your Settings selections with this publication.

Note: In Office Publisher, page size refers to a working area of your publication. Paper, or sheet, size is the size of the paper that you use for printing. A sheet of paper may contain multiple pages, and a large page may be imposed across multiple sheets.

The preview pane changes to reflect changes made in the print settings. It also allows you to:

print preview in publisher 2010

1. Sheet navigation:     Move through the sheets of your publication.

2. Front and Back buttons:     These buttons are available when printing on both sides of the sheet of paper, click to view the front or back of the sheet.

3. Zoom slider:     Slide to the left to zoom out and slide to the right to zoom in on your publication.

4. Fit to sheet:     If you are viewing more than one sheet this button will zoom to view one sheet.

5. View multiple sheets:     If you publication will be printed on multiple sheets of paper you can use this button to preview more than one sheet at a time.

6. Show/hide page numbers:     This slider will show you the order of the pages being imposed on the sheet(s) of paper. This is particularly useful when you are printing a publication with more than one page on the sheet, like a greeting card.

7. Show/hide the rulers:    Shows or hides the rulers for the height and width of the currently selected sheet of paper. If you change the paper size in Settings, the ruler will change accordingly.

8. Transparent view slider:     If you are printing on two sides of the sheet, this slider will allow you to see through to the other side of the sheet, like holding the printed paper over a light table. This allows you to be sure that your publication lines up correctly on both sides of the sheet of paper.

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Configuring your print settings and printing

To configure the print settings for your publication:

  1. Click the File tab to open the Backstage View.

  2. Click Print to open the Print Settings page.

    Note:  You may have to wait a moment while Publisher connects to your printer.

  3. In the Printer section, make sure that the correct printer is selected.

    Note:  The preview window will display in black and white, regardless of whether your publication(s) includes color, unless you have selected a color printer.

  4. In the Print What section, make sure that All is selected.

  5. In the Other Settings section, make sure that the publication is set to print One page per sheet, Letter, and change the setting from Print One Sided to Print on Both Sides / Flip on long edge.

Take a moment now to notice a change in the print preview pane on the right. When you changed the publication to print on both sides of the sheet of paper a new slider appeared in the upper right of the application:

Transparency slider in print preview of Publisher 2010

This slider controls the transparency of the print preview, like putting your printed publication on a light table so that you can see through the paper. This allows you to see if the front and back line up the way you want them. Play with the slider a little, sliding it from left to right, from no transparency to fully transparent. As you do you will notice that with the current setting of flipping on the long edge the page on the back of the sheet is upside down.

To fix this:

  • In the Other Settings section, change Print on Both Sides / Flip on long edgetoPrint on Both Sides / Flip on short edge.

Finally, to print your publication click the Print button.

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