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You can create your publications with the professionally designed Microsoft Publisher 2010 templates, customize the templates as needed, and then reuse the templates. Do you need to create several publications for the same business? You can create different publication types that use the same options and information — such as the same color scheme and business information set.

This article will walk you through the steps to create a three-fold brochure. First, you’ll download the template from the Office Online template collection. You will then use the template to create a new publication. And lastly, you will use the Backstage View to enter some business information that you will use in your publication.

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Download a template

Create the publication

Enter your business information

Download a template

This publication is going to be a tri-fold brochure using a template from the Office Online template collection.

  1. Click File > New and click Brochures.

  2. From here, click the Business tri-fold brochure (civic) template to open it in Publisher.

Create the publication

The template contains two pages, shown in the Page Navigation pane:

Two page tri-fold brochure shown in the navigation pane of Publisher 2010

The publication will be open to page one. You will see placeholder text and images, and on the first page there is placeholder business information, which you will update in a moment. First, replace the image of a pile of books on the first page with a clip art image of a shipping package:

  1. Click the image of the pile of books in the left-hand pane of the first page.

  2. On the Ribbon, click the Insert tab, and then select Clip Art.

  3. In the Clip Artpane, in the Search for box type: boxes.

  4. In the Results should be box, de-select everything except Illustrations and the select the Include Bing content check-box.

  5. Press Go to start the search.

  6. To insert a Clip Art image from the results list, double-click on an image such as this:
    Clip art of a package

    Note:  Choose any box image that you want, it does not have to be the image shown.

If the image doesn’t fit exactly into the space and looks like this:

Clip art showing the crop frame and handles in Publisher 2010

You can clearly see the part of the image that fits exactly into the space that had been taken by the pile of books. The part of the image that does not fit exactly is dimmed and will not show when you print the publication. The black lines and corners framing the image are called Crop Handles and are used to crop the image.

To crop the image so that the entire image shows:

  1. Move your mouse cursor over the bottom right corner crop handle, when you do you will see the cursor change into a little black corner.

  2. Click and drag the cursor down to the bottom of the underlying image.

  3. Then move your mouse cursor over the top right corner crop handle and click and drag the cursor to show the entire image.

You can now see the entire image, but the bottom corner of the package is below the bottom of the brochure’s left-most section.

To move the image:

  1. Move your mouse cursor over the image until the cursor becomes the move pointer Move pointer .

  2. Drag the image up so that the entire image fits above the bottom edge of the brochure’s left-most section.

Now go ahead and replace the two images on the second page with other Clip Art images of packages. You can also replace the placeholder text in the text boxes if you like.

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Enter your business information

You might not have anything that you think of as business information. You might be a civic or charitable newsletter, or simply creating publications for your family’s garage sale, but you will still have a set of information that you want to re-use in your publications. So, play along as we go to the Backstage View to enter some information about your organization.

  1. Click the File tab (for more information on the File tab and the Backstage View, see: What and where is the Backstage view).

  2. In the Info tab, click Edit Business Information.

  3. Enter as much information as you want in Create New Business Information Set, by clicking in the appropriate text boxes, and click Change button if you would like to change the logo image. Remember that you can go back and change this information whenever you like. For more information please see: Business Information, Design Checker, and Commercial Print Settings.
    Create new business information set in Publisher 2010

    Note:  You can also get to this dialog from the Insert tab’s Business Information button by then selecting Edit Business Information.

  4. Enter a name in the Business Information set name box, and then press Save.

  5. Click Update Publication.

  6. Click the File tab to return to your publication.

Now your brochure has been customized not only with images and text, but with reusable business information.

The next step is to print your brochure. For that please see, Get Started - Print a publication.

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