Frequently Asked Questions for the Recording Converter for Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007

This document lists Frequently Asked Questions for the Recording Converter for Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007.

Issue: The speaker video in a converted movie file looks choppy. What can I do to improve this?

Resolution: Recording Converter uses five frames per second (fps) as the frame rate for conversion to reduce the conversion time. This can result in a choppy speaker video in the output. If you need smoother speaker video in the output, you can do the conversion with a customized frame rate by running the command-line tool of Recording Converter. The tool is located at C:\Program Files\Recording Converter for Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007, if you install Recording Converter to the default install folder.

Issue: Why do animations in Microsoft Office PowerPoint slides not work in a converted video?

Resolution: This is caused by the fact that your Web browser is not configured to run Office PowerPoint presentations while Recording Converter needs to do this in background when exporting PowerPoint slides. To solve this problem, do the following:

  • If you run Recording Converter on Windows Vista, click Tools, click Internet Options , click Advanced, click Security, and then select Allow active content to run in files on My computer from your Internet Explorer.

  • Or, if you run Recording Converter on Windows XP, click Internet Options, click Security Settings, click Miscellaneous, and enable Allow scripting of Internet Explorer Web browser control.

  • An exception to the above solution is that PowerPoint animation still cannot be correctly exported if you run Recording Converter on Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Internet Explorer 7. You have to run Recording Converter on Windows Vista or Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6 to correctly export PowerPoint slides.

Issue: Can I use the converted video file to do streaming directly?

Resolution: The converted recording is not optimized for streaming. You may need to use a dedicated encoder tool, such as Windows Media Encoder, to encode the converted video based on your streaming requirements.

Issue: I copied the converted video to my device, but I cannot play it back normally.

R esolution: Because the bit rate of converted video is usually too large to be played back by the media player of the device, directly copying converted video to your device may not work. Use the tool that is included with your device to synchronize the converted video to the device. Refer to the device manual for instructions about how to do this.

Issue: Why can't you run Recording Converter on Windows 2000?

Resolution: Recording Converter does not support Windows 2000. You must have Windows XP or above to run Recording Converter.

Issue: Why do I get an error with error code 0xC00D0BC4 when I convert a recording?

Resolution: To convert a recording that contains application or desktop sharing contents, a screen codec that is included with Office Live Meeting 2007 is required. To solve this problem, you can do one of the following:

  • Install Office Live Meeting 2007 on the computer where you run Recording Converter.

  • Or, play back the recording by double-clicking on ReplayMeeting.htm or start.htm from the recording folder.

Issue: Can I run Recording Converter on Windows Server 2008?

Resolution: Yes. To run Recording Converter, you need to install Desktop Experience on your Windows Server 2008 by running Server Manager, click Features , click Add Feature, and then click Desktop Experience.

Issue: Why does the conversion fail when I run the command-line tool in the form of lm2movie –m “d:\meetings\Apr 03 19.52 [Weekly Meeting]\” –o “d:\meetings\Apr 03 19.52 [Weekly Meeting].wmv”?

Resolution: This is caused by a known issue whereby the parameters are not correctly passed to the tool when the specified meeting folder ends with ‘\’ and there are other parameters following –m. To avoid this issue, do not add ‘\’ to the end of the meeting folder.

Issue: If a Windows Media Video file is shared as a multimedia content and is enabled for Participant Control, will this content be exported?

Resolution: No, the multimedia content is not exported because Recording Converter does not know how the content is played or presented.

Issue: I cannot find the Recording Converter for Office Live Meeting 2007 entry from the Start menu when I log on to my computer with another user account.

Resolution: Recording Converter is installed for the current user only. You can open the folder where Recording Converter is installed, and then manually create a shortcut to the LM2MovUI.exe.

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