Format your chart

Although the Chart Tools ribbon is full of cool things you can do to your chart, sometimes you might want more control. In earlier versions of Office, advanced formatting options were buried deeply in hard to find, complex dialog boxes. Now these options are available in clean, shiny, new task panes. Select the chart element (for example, data series, axes, or titles), right-click it, and click Format <chart element>. And presto, the new Format pane magically appears with options that are tailored for the selected chart element.

Format Axis task pane

Clicking the small icons at the top of the pane, moves you to other parts of the pane with more options. And if you click on a different chart element, you’ll see that the task pane automatically updates to the new chart element.

For example, to format an axis

  1. Right-click the chart axis, and click Format Axis.

    Format Axis right-click menu

  2. In the Format Axis task pane, make the tweaks you want.


    • You can move or resize the task pane to make working with it easier. Click the chevron in the upper right.

    • Top part of the Format Axis pane with the chevron highlighted

    • Select Move and then drag the pane to a new location.

    • Select Size and drag the edge of the pane to resize it.

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