Fonts, hyperlinks, and spell check

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Take this course to learn how to make your Outlook message text look the way you want it to. We’ll cover formatting fonts, creating and removing hyperlink text, using and customizing the spelling checker and AutoCorrect, and changing the language the spelling checker uses.

Inside this course:

Fonts, hyperlinks and spell check (4:18)
Change fonts for email messages that you send, forward, or reply to. Add hyperlinks, and adjust settings for the spelling and grammar checkers and AutoCorrect.

Format fonts for all messages (2:27)
In this movie, we’re going to cover how to change the default font for all messages, including messages you forward or reply to.

Format text as a hyperlink (1:36)
Type the full web address, press the Spacebar or Enter, and the hyperlink automatically formats. And learn how to remove a hyperlink or change its formatting.

Spell check your email (4:03)
Outlook has two tools to help you check your spelling: AutoCorrect and the spelling checker. And you can change how they work and what they check for, if you like.

Change the language the spelling checker uses (2:00)
The spelling checker uses the language you specify for Windows. But you can use multiple languages for the spelling and proofing tools. Here’s how to set that up.

Course summary
A brief reminder of the key points in this course.

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