Flag or pin a message in Outlook.com

To remind yourself to follow up on a message, you can add a follow-up flag. A flag gives you a visual cue that you want to return to that message later. In the message list, flagged items display the Flag symbol.

Pinning a message moves it to the top of your inbox so it's easy to find later. A pinned message is indicated by a Unpin symbol.

Flag a message

  1. In the message list, hover over the message to see the flag option.

    A screenshot of the flag option in the message list

  2. Select Flag this message to flag the message.

  3. Select Flag to unflag the message.

To see all of your flagged messages, select Tasks at the bottom left corner of the page.

Pin a message

Note: To pin a message or see pinned messages, your inbox must be sorted by date. Select Filter at the top of the message list to change how your inbox is sorted.

  1. In the message list, hover over the message to see the pin option.

    A screenshot of the pin option

  2. Select Pin to keep the message at the top of your inbox.

  3. Select Unpin to unpin the message.

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