Fixes or workarounds for recent issues in PowerPoint for Windows

Last updated: September 2016

PowerPoint crashes and slow performance

When opening an Office application, you may see the following error message:

"Microsoft Office cannot find your license for this application. A repair attempt was unsuccessful or cancelled. Microsoft Office will now close."

Important: This error appears if you have this Office 2016 build: 16.0.7167.2040. If you don’t have this specific version and you’re getting this error, or you’re getting a different error, we recommend you create a new post. To check your Office version, choose the Uninstall a program option in the Windows Control Panel, find your Office program in the list, and check the version number.

This licensing issue has been resolved in Office 2016 version 16.0.7167.2055 or later. To get the latest update, please run an online repair of Office 2016:

  1. Restart your computer. Don’t open any Office applications when you’re back on your desktop.

  2. Run an online repair of Office from the Control Panel.

    Important: Please choose the Online Repair option instead of Quick Repair. If you run Quick Repair, the latest build version doesn’t get installed.

  3. Restart the computer again and open the Office application.

  4. Click File > Account, and verify the Office version under Office Updates in the Product Information section. It should be a newer version than 16.0.7167.2040.

If you’ve done the above step and you continue to get the same error message, please do the following:

  • Choose the Uninstall a program option in the Windows Control Panel, find your Office program, and check the Office version.

  • If the Office version isn’t 16.0.7167.2040, create a new post on with the error you’re getting along with the exact Office build version.

The current issue of PowerPoint not automatically scaling to different monitor sizes when in edit view is addressed with Windows 10 Anniversary Update version 1607. With the updated fix, PowerPoint will adjust to the correct screen size when dragged to different monitors.

To access this fix, be sure you have Windows 10 version 1607 or later, and PowerPoint version 16.0.7341.2032 or later, released on September 21, 2016 for Current Channel customers. To get the latest Office updates, click File > Account > Update Options > Update Now.

For more information, see Office apps appear the wrong size or blurry on external monitors.

You encounter broken images and an rld2/rld3 error. For example, you see the message "The image part with relationship ID rId2 was not found in the file."

We are aware of this issue and we're investigating. When an update is available, we'll post here with more information.

Issues affecting PowerPoint features and add-ins

When you try to check out and edit a PowerPoint 2016 file in the Office 2016 desktop client and the file is stored on a SharePoint document library, PowerPoint says it's a read-only file.

We are aware of this issue and plan to fix it in a future release. When we do, we'll update this article with information about how to obtain the fix.

In the meantime, you can work around this issue by checking the file out of SharePoint before trying to open it in PowerPoint.

When you save a PowerPoint presentation that contains links to other slides in the presentation as a PDF, all hyperlinks point to the wrong slide. In the PDF file, the links always point to one slide further than in the PowerPoint file. When clicking the links in the PowerPoint file, everything works as expected.

We released a fix that should solve this issue in the latest update for Office 2016, version16.0.7341.2032 or later. To get the latest updates, click File > Account > Update Options > Update Now.

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