Fixed Cost Accrual (task field)

Data Type    Enumerated

Entry Type    Entered

Description    The Fixed Cost Accrual field provides choices for how and when fixed costs are to be charged, or accrued, to the cost of a task. The options are:

  • Start

  • Prorated

  • End

Best Uses    Add the Fixed Cost Accrual field to a task view when you want to view, filter, or edit how and when fixed costs are to be accrued for tasks.

Example    For the "Write proposal" task, there is a fixed cost of $30 for duplication of the finished proposal. The task is to take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If you click Start in the Fixed Cost Accrual field, the $30 is charged on Monday for the task. If you click End, the $30 is charged on Wednesday. If you click Prorated, $10 is charged on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Remarks    The Fixed Cost Accrual field is available by default on the Cost table. The fixed cost is accrued based on percent complete.

You can set the fixed cost accrual default for all new tasks in the Project Options dialog box.

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