Find your Office product key

When you install Office 365, Office 2016, or Office 2013, you might be prompted to enter a 25-character product key, which would look something like this:


Tip: You don't need a product key if you've already installed Office or if you've associated Office with your Microsoft account. Instead, follow the instructions in the Install Office article.

Looking for an older version of Office?

Choose the appropriate link in this table if you need help finding a product key for an older version of Office.

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Office 2010

Find your Product Key for Office 2010

Office 2007

Find your product key for your Office 2007 program

Office for Mac 2011

Find your product key for Office for Mac 2011

"Invalid product key" error when activating Office for Mac 2011

How to find your product key

The way you can find your product key depends on how you got Office. Select how you got Office from the options below.

I downloaded Office from an online store

If you purchased and downloaded Office from an online store, the product key might be in your email receipt.

Try the following to find this confirmation email:

  • Check your spam, bulk, or junk mail folders for the email.

  • Try searching your email for the word “Microsoft” or the name of the company where you bought Office.

  • If you have multiple email accounts, check the email account that you provided when you purchased Office.

Note: Product keys aren't emailed for online purchases of Office 365 because you don't need a product key when buying Office 365 online.

If the product key isn't in the email receipt or if you can’t find the email receipt, you may be able to retrieve the product key by using the Order History link for the store you made the purchase from:

  • Microsoft Store: Go to and sign in with the user ID and password you used to purchase and download Office. After you sign in, click Digital content to view the product keys.

    Insrtall Digital Content link on

Next step: I found my key. Where do I enter it?

I got Office from a physical retail store

If you received a physical box or card, look on the packaging or card for the product key.

Box and card

Next step: I found my key. Where do I enter it?

Can’t find it? Try one of the following:

  • If your copy of Office has already been installed or you've already associated it with a Microsoft account, you don’t need a product key. To install or reinstall Office, go to and sign in with the Microsoft account you associated with your Office product.

  • If you have a valid proof of purchase, Microsoft support may be able to replace your product key or provide other options.

Office came pre-installed on my computer

Follow these steps to find out if you need a product key.

  1. On Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, choose Start.

  2. Scroll down through your apps and choose Microsoft Office, the tile with the Office logo.

    Screenshot of the Microsoft Office tile on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  3. In the window that opens, choose Activate.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • If you're asked to sign in with your Microsoft account, that means you don't need a product key. Just sign in with your Microsoft account to activate the Office software that came with your device.

      Notes: The Microsoft account you use to sign in will be associated with your copy of Office. If you don't have an account yet, you can create a Microsoft account here.

      It's important that you remember your email address and password (Microsoft account) so you can access your My Account page, which is where you'll go to install Office and manage any subscriptions you have.

    • If you’re asked to enter a product key, that means a key was included with your purchase. Look for it on the Certificate of Authenticity that came with the computer or on a card in the packaging. If you can’t find it, contact the seller.

      Certificate of Authenticity and card

      Tip: You may have one certificate of authenticity for Windows and another for Office. Please make sure you’re using the correct certificate of authenticity to retrieve your Office 2010 product key.

      A certificate of authenticity for Office 2010 will have the words "Microsoft Office 2010" on it.

I got Office through the Home Use Program

To get your product key, go to the Home Use Program, select the Order History link located in the upper right-hand corner of the page and then enter the email address that was used to purchase the product key.

Note: You may only access your product key if your organization’s Software Assurance agreement is still valid and you are still an active employee of the organization.

Next step: I found my key. Where do I enter it?

I bought Office 365 for business through a partner

When you activate or renew a Microsoft Open subscription, you don't have to manually enter a product key because the system automatically enters it for you. To learn how, see Enter a key purchased through Microsoft Open. For help, contact your Office 365 partner.

I got Office through my school as a student

You don’t need a product key to activate Office.

To get started, go to Office 365 Education and sign up with your school email address. If your school provides the full Office desktop apps, you’ll see the Install button on your Office 365 home page after you sign up.

I've installed Office on multiple PCs and need to know which product key was used

This is only for the 2013 and 2016 versions of the following products:

  • Office Home & Student

  • Office Home & Business

  • Office Professional

Do you manage several installations of Office that are all tied to one Microsoft account? Did you lose track of which product key was used to install Office on which PC? If you answered yes to these questions, see Manage multiple one-time-purchase Office installs that use the same Microsoft account to learn how to identify which Office product key was used to install Office on each PC.

I lost my product key

Expand a section below to learn how to replace a lost Office 365, Office 2016, or Office 2016 product key.

My product key is lost or damaged. How do I replace it?

Remember, if you already redeemed the product key and you're trying to install or reinstall Office, depending on your version of Office, all you need to do is sign in using the account associated with your copy of Office. See, How to install Office for the basic install steps.

If you lost your product key, but have a valid proof of purchase, see I want to talk to a human at the bottom of this page. Microsoft support may be able replace your product key or provide other options.

I lost my product key. How do I upgrade Office?

If you believe the product key has been lost, stolen, or misplaced and you simply would like to purchase a newer version of Office, you can click Buy Office to see your purchase options. Or if you’d like to learn more about the latest version of Office first, see What's the difference between Office 365 and Office 2016? and Why you should upgrade to Office 2016.

Troubleshoot product key problems

There are several reasons why you might get an error after entering a product key at For example, the product key may have been mistyped or a product key for a different product might have been used.

The most common error message is the “This product key isn’t valid” error message. This message provides additional error codes that can help you pinpoint the problem,

Select the links below for help with a particular error code.   


The “This product key isn’t valid” error message along with either error code INVALID_PRODUCT_KEY or error code ERR_INVALID_TOKEN can occur when the wrong product key is entered or the product key is mistyped.

Error code shown when entering an incorrect product key at

Examples of using the wrong product key   

Most Microsoft products use a 25-character product key. If you own multiple Microsoft products, it’s easy to confuse the keys and use the wrong one. Here are some common things that can happen:

  • Using the product key from a sticker on a PC   

    These product keys are normally for Microsoft Windows. Check the sticker for a product name to make sure it’s for the Office product you’re trying to install.

  • Using the product key from an earlier version of Office   

    Office product keys aren’t interchangeable between Office versions. For example, you can’t use a Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 product key if you’re trying to install Microsoft Office Professional 2016.

  • Using the product key from an individual program to install a suite   

    Office product keys aren’t interchangeable between Office suites and individual programs. For example, you can’t use a Microsoft Word product key to install Microsoft Office Home and Student.

  • Using the product key provided by a school or company   

    Schools and companies usually buy a different type of Office license. The product keys they provide to students, teachers, and employees are known as volume license keys. These keys can’t be used for retail Office versions like Home and Student, Home and Business, or Professional.

Common ways people mistype the product key   

Reading the product key from a label can be difficult. Letters and numbers may look the same.

To avoid typing mistakes, here’s a list of commonly mistyped characters:

  • The letter B and the number 8.

  • The letter G and the number 6.

  • The letter O and the number 0.

  • The letter Q and the number 0.

  • The letters V and V back to back (VV) appear like the letter W.

Tip: If you bought Office from an online retailer and received a confirmation email, try copying and pasting the product key from this email instead of typing it.


If you receive the product key isn’t valid” error message along with the KEY_NOT_ACTIVATED error code when attempting to redeem your product key at, it means the retailer that you purchased Office from didn’t activate the product key at the point of sale. The product key must be activated by the retailer before it can be used.

To resolve the issue, go back to the store where you purchased Office and have them activate the product key.

Key not activated error code.

I can't remember my Microsoft account or password

If you forgot the password for the Microsoft account that you associated with Office, you can reset your password at

If your copy of Office came with a 25-character product redemption key like in the image below or on an email receipt, (whether or not you have a key depends how you got your copy of Office), and you still have the key, then try the following:

Product key location when buy Office from retailer but not on DVD

Enter your product key to see a portion of your Microsoft account

  1. Go to and type the 25-character key that came with your copy of Office.

    Enter a product key.
  2. On the My Office Account page, you'll see a portion of the Microsoft account you already associated with Office.

    My Office Account page showing partial Microsoft account
  3. Select the link Sign in with your other Microsoft account, and then sign in with the correct Microsoft account.

If this isn't enough to remember your Microsoft account, or you don't have or never received a product key, or someone installed Office on your behalf with a different email address and password, contact support by selecting the Ask support (it's free) link on the Office Products page to review your options.

I want to talk to a human

If you’ve followed the guidance in this article and still need help, visit our Microsoft support page for assistance. In some regions, there will also be a Contact us link at the bottom of this article.

I found my key. Where do I enter it?

What kind of Office do you have?

Learn how to enter your key

Office for home

This refers to Office 365 subscriptions, like Office 365 Home, Personal or University, and one-time purchases of Office, such as Office Home & Student 2016.

To activate and install for the first time: Install Office with a product key.

To renew a subscription: See the "Use a product key" section in Renew Office 365 for home.

Note: You can’t use your original key to renew your subscription, because a key can be redeemed only one time. If you don't want to buy a new product key for renewal, you can turn on automatic renewal instead.

Office 365 for business, education, or government

This refers to Office 365 subscriptions like Office 365 Business Premium and Office 365 Enterprise E3.

To activate, renew, or add licenses to a subscription: Enter your product key for Office 365 for business.

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