Find information about other people in your company

You can see information about other people you work with by viewing their profile. This is helpful, for example, if you need to locate someone who is working on a specific project or if you need to find someone who has a specific skill set.

Profiles are now integrated with Delve. To view someone's profile, simply type their name in the search box in Delve and you will see a list of people whose names match the one you typed. Click on a person's name or on the Work link and you will see what that person is working on. To see additional information about the person, click on the Profile link.

View another's profile

You can view the following information on someone's profile:

Information type


About Me

A self-written description about the person if provided.

Contact information

Full contact information for the person including work email and office number are displayed by default. You will also see their mobile phone number, home phone number, and location, if this information is provided and shared with everyone.


Past projects the person has worked on, any skills they've listed, schools they've attended, birthday, and interests if provided and shared with everyone.


A list of schools the person has attended if provided.


A list of things the person is interested in if provided.


A link to the person's OneDrive for Business.


A link to the person's internal blog if they have one.


A tree view of the person's organization.

Profiles look different than what you describe

Some functionality is introduced gradually to organizations that have opted in to the First Release program. This means that profiles may look different from what is described in the profile help articles.

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