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From the Trenches: Deploying EPM in the real world
A column by Project community experts

Is there a pilot on board?
(Chris Vandersluis, HMS Software)

We're selling holes, not drills!
(Chris Vandersluis, HMS Software)

Track or Treat
(Chris Vandersluis, HMS Software)

The Seven Deadly Sins of Project Schedules
(Kevin Watson, Microsoft)

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Install Project for Office 365

What can team members do in Project Online?

Working on tasks in Project Web App: A guide for team members

Add Project Online to your Office 365 account

Use more features in Project Online

Quick Start Guides for Project Online

Supporting your Project Online adoption with a Project Management Office (PMO)

Work with projects

Create a project in Project Web App

View a list of projects

More ways to create or import projects

Open a project for editing

Open a project in Microsoft Project

Edit project details

Publish a project

Export your project to Microsoft Excel

Change a project’s template

Add an issue to a project

Add a risk to a project

Link risks, issues, files, or deliverables to tasks

View a project document

Work with tasks

Create a new task

Indent or outdent tasks in your project

Link tasks in your project

Set a baseline for your project

Add tasks and projects to the timeline

Get email reminders about your work in Project Online

Work with resources

Add a resource to Project Web App

Add or update enterprise resources using an external data file

Overview: Resource engagements

Accept or reject an engagement request

Evaluate resource capacity

Track your work

Track your time and task progress

Step 1: Get your bearings

Step 2: Turn in a timesheet

Step 3: Update progress

Capture vacation, sick leave, and other non-project hours

Assign someone else to enter your time and task progress

Get email reminders about your work in Project Online


Enter hours on your timesheet

Add a task to your timesheet

Take back a timesheet that you sent for approval

Task progress

Report your task progress

Hand off work to someone else


Grant reporting access in Project Online

What reporting tools can I use with project data?

Use Excel 2013 to create a new Project Online report

Work with SharePoint

Overview: View a SharePoint task list in Project Web App

Add an existing SharePoint task list to Project Web App

Work with a SharePoint task list in Project Web App

View an imported SharePoint task list in Project Web App

Edit a SharePoint task list in Microsoft Project Professional 2013

Change a SharePoint task list into an enterprise project

Remove a SharePoint task list from Project Web App

Set up and configure Project Online

Project Online: software boundaries and limits

Tune Project Online performance

What should I do if my Project Online administrator gets locked out?

Turn on notifications in Project Online

Users and permissions

Change permission management in Project Online

Grant reporting access in Project Online

Plan SharePoint groups in Project Web App

Project Online sites

Set up another Project Online site

Add Project Online to a site collection

Delete a Project Web App site


Configure the Resource Center

Activate resource engagements in Project Online

FAQ: Resource engagements are replacing the old resource plans

Timesheets and task progress

Set up timesheets

Set up your fiscal year

Set up categories for timesheet rows

Set up vacation, sick leave, and other non-project work categories

Set up how time and task progress are captured

Customize timesheets and task progress for your organization

Set up time and task progress approval

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