Find equivalent SmartArt graphics for diagrams available prior to the 2007 Office release

Versions of Microsoft Office earlier than the 2007 Microsoft Office system included a Diagram Gallery that contained six diagrams. Those diagrams and their closest SmartArt graphics, along with the type that contains the layout for the SmartArt graphic, are shown below.

Note: A SmartArt graphic is a visual representation of information and ideas. A type is similar to a category of SmartArt graphic, and each type contains several different layouts.

Diagram Gallery diagram available prior to the 2007 Office release

Layout for SmartArt graphic available in the 2007 Office release

Type of SmartArt graphic


Organization Chart

Organization Chart


The assistant shape and the Org Chart hanging layouts are available with this layout. For more information about organization charts, see Create an organization chart.

Cycle Diagram

Text Cycle


Radial Diagram

Basic Radial


Pyramid Diagram

Basic Pyramid


Venn Diagram

Basic Venn


The Basic Venn layout for a SmartArt graphic is limited to seven circles.

Target Diagram

Basic Target


The Basic Target layout for a SmartArt graphic is limited to five circles.

After you have decided which SmartArt graphic layout to use, create your SmartArt graphic. The following topics can help you create some of the more common types of SmartArt graphic:

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